ReSound Verso

ReSound Versoâ„¢ uses unique technology that supports the way hearing naturally works.

ReSound Verso - Lake Havasu City, AZ

ReSound Verso uses unique technology that supports the way hearing naturally works. We call it Binaural Fusion. Binaural Fusion delivers rich, full sound, outstanding performance in background noise, superior feedback management, all in an easy-to-use instrument. This allows for a more natural hearing experience.

General Features


ReSound Verso delivers outstanding sound quality with the best in feedback management.
  • Delivers speech clarity in background noise especially in noisy environments like restaurants
  • Reduces the chance of whistling and feedback while delivering deep, rich sound
  • Preserves the sound quality of music, so that it sounds richer, fuller and more natural
  • Binaural functionality makes it easy for patients to use and allows both instruments work together to adjust and optimize the settings for different listening environments
  • Connect to TV, mobile phone or a microphone that is used by a companion and broadcasts sound directly to Verso hearing instruments.Both instruments work together to analyze the listening environment and provide patients with outstanding sound quality
  • Available in three different technology levels: Verso 9 for demanding listening environments, Verso 7 for moderate listening environments and Verso 5 for quiet listening environments.

Styles and colors


ReSound Verso™
Series Behind-the-Ear Series
Listening environments Quiet
Levels of hearing loss Mild to profound
Color choices 10
Wind noise reduction Yes
Volume control Yes
Program button Yes
Battery size 312
Battery life (hours) 138
Processing 17-band Warp™ (9 handles)
Programs 4 customizable
Directional choices Natural Directionality™ II
Directional beam widths AutoScope
Environmental Optimizer Environmental Optimizer™ II
Styles Behind-the-ear
Custom in-the-ear
Remote Microphone
Feedback suppression Dual Stabilizer™ II DFS
Telecoil Yes
EchoStop Yes
DataLogging Onboard Analyzer™ II


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